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Specific, Repetitive Trauma and Psychological Injuries

Traditionally, Workers’ Compensation covers most work injuries such as fractures, herniated discs, sprains, cuts, amputations, burns, and death.

Workers’ Compensation also covers a host of “occupational illnesses.” Technology has changed the nature of work and the workplace and other types of injuries can be covered under Workers’ Compensation: carpal tunnel syndrome, various repetitive trauma-type injuries and in some circumstances, mental or psychological injuries.

Contained within the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation law and expanded upon in its attached regulations, the “scheduled member” approach provides the basis for determining permanent benefits owed in instances involving work-related injuries in the conventional sense. Not all injuries are easily defined or quantified. Even psychological injuries, which are work related, can cause total impairment and prevent a worker from returning to that specific workplace. These types of injuries can be so debilitating that they prohibit the employee from ever returning to the workforce. These are very difficult cases to accurately recognize, diagnose, treat and prove work related and thus compensable.

Peter Brown is a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation lawyer that is experienced with cases involving both conventional and the more difficult to diagnose work injuries. Peter has practiced in the workers’ compensation field for thirty (30) years.

Our office works with a large network of medical professionals who assist us in Workers’ Compensation cases by diagnosing and defining work injuries, specifically addressing the Workers’ Compensation critical issues of causation and disability.

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