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The Purpose of Workers’ Compensation

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Workers’ Compensation is a “benefits system” that has been put into place by the State Legislature. By design, the goal of Workers’ Compensation is to provide an injured worker with-

medical treatment; and

some monetary support, while he is out of work recovering from his injuries.

If the worker is left with a permanent disability (inability or reduced capacity to earn a living) as a result of the work-related injury, then the worker may recover for that injury in an amount determined by several factors.

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The History Behind Workers’ Compensation

Before the Workers’ Compensation Statutes went into effect, the injured worker often had to actually sue his employer in order to recover for his medical expenses and lost wages as a result of a work accident. Lawsuits of this nature were costly and time-consuming for both the worker and the employer. Pursued through the regular court systems, it was extremely difficult for the injured worker to win his lawsuit against an employer who could effectively raise any number of Common Law Defenses to defeat the worker’s lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the injured worker suffered a loss of income and incurred medical expenses or had no means to receive any medical treatment at all for his work injuries. Quite often, the injured worker was left with a permanent disability that affected his ability to make living and impacted his entire household.

With industries rapidly growing, it was believed that the financial hardships imposed upon injured workers and their families would create greater social concerns (high levels of poverty, homelessness, increased dependency on public assistance, crime).

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Workers’ Compensation and the Theory Behind it.

From a business standpoint, workplace injuries were burdensome for employers who suffered production losses, expenses for hiring and retraining replacements for injured workers, legal expenses to fight the worker’s claim, and then any awards given to the injured workers themselves. Employers found grossly negligent could be put out of business entirely.

Modern Workers’ Compensation systems were created as an alternative legal remedy for effectively and quickly dealing with the work place injuries in such a way that would allow the injured worker time to recover, while partially compensating him for his loss of earning capacity (temporary or permanent) and allow the employer to responsibly address the injuries within his business in a cost effective manner.

The new system strives to avoid lengthy, hostile, and costly litigation. In order to create such a system, issues such as negligence on the part of the employer, the employee or coworkers, and damages such as “pain and suffering” had to be eliminated from cases between injured workers’ and their employers. Alternate judicial bodies were established, dedicated and stylized for the administration of Workers’ Compensation claims. Workers’ Compensation laws vary from state to state and are different from Federal Workers’ Compensation programs.

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