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I’ve Been Hurt At Work, What Next?


*Seek immediate medical attention. Provide as much detail as possible to the medical provider in regard to the extent of your pain and the injuries.

*Immediately, or as soon as possible, notify your employer that you suffered an injury on the job.

*As soon as practical, get the names, addresses and phone numbers of each and every witness to the injury.

*Your next step while recovering, should be to contact our office for a FREE no obligation consultation to get familiar with what the overall process will entail.

Realize that the insurance company for your employer will have an adjuster assigned to your claim very quickly.

Put Us In Your Corner:

You will probably need an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney protecting your right to receive such things as Temporary Total Disability Benefits and meaningful and appropriate medical treatment for your specific injury. We call this “leveling the playing field.”


If you have been seriously injured and require surgery, you will likely need someone to help monitor your recovery.  This will involve scheduling appointments, coordinating diagnostic testing, surgery and physical or occupational therapy during the recovery process. We do this every day for our clients.  If this sounds like the type of firm you want to represent you, click here.

We will help you return to work, when appropriate, under the proper restrictions. We will help determine when you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement and explain to you what that means to your claim.

Our goal is to help you return to your job, if possible, and receive the appropriate amount of compensation you deserve for your specific injury.

Is My Injury Compensable?

In South Carolina, Workers’ Compensation may be applicable when three (3) conditions are present:

  1. The existence of a recognizable employer-employee relationship, as defined by the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation law;
  2. A work related action that is in furtherance of the employer’s business; and,
  3. An injury, illness or condition which is directly attributed to the employee’s work and not some other cause or event.

Be sure to consult with our experienced South Carolina Workers’ Compensation attorney to learn more about moving forward with your life if you have been injured at work.

Further Reading Regarding a “Work Related Injury?”

Peter Brown is an experienced South Carolina Workers’ Compensation lawyer who is here to help you understand the “ins and outs” of being injured at work. A work-related injury, illness or condition must have occurred during, arisen from or be directly related to the performance of one’s work duties. This doesn’t mean that it has to be witnessed by your boss or a co-worker.

The work injury must also be reported to the employer as soon as the employee is aware of his injury. (The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation law says that an injury must be reported within 90 days).

The employer is obligated to provide or authorize medical treatment when he is reported an injury. If no treatment is offered the injured worker should take reasonable steps to obtain medical treatment of his injuries on his own, in a timely manner.

Do not delay in getting medical treatment for your work related injury. Once the employee has an accepted injury claim, the employee has an obligation to pursue and comply with medical treatment provided by the employer or insurance company handling the claim.

These details can be confusing, and we understand you want to move on with your life and be fairly compensated for your injury(s). Get in touch with our South Carolina Workers’ Compensation attorney today to get back on your feet and get paid for your injury.  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US

Temporary Total and Temporary Partial Benefits:

If the medical provider takes the injured employee out of work entirely or places such limitations on his physical activities that he is unable to perform his regular duties, and as a result, the employee loses wages, the employee would be entitled to either temporary total or temporary partial compensation for his lost earnings.

The injured worker, however, has to furnish the employer with a doctor‘s excuse, from the approved medical provider regarding the work restrictions that have created the wage loss. The injured worker continues his treatment with the authorized medical provider, returning to work when released by the doctor. Upon completion of the treatment with the authorized medical provider, the worker is assessed for any permanent impairment for which he might be entitled and entitled to further compensation for permanent disability.

We understand that all of this is very complicated and that is why you need to hire an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney to handle your claim. 

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