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Future Medical Expenses, Who is Responsible?

Form 16 Settlement:

An injured worker may be entitled to future medical treatment to be provided by the employer and insurance company. When an injured worker receives payment of a permanent disability award (per Form 16) he may be entitled to further compensation and medical treatment, provided that he is determined (by the previously authorized medical provider) to have suffered a change of condition or worsening of condition within one (1) year of payment of the Form 16 award.

Clinchered Settlement:

When the claim is resolved by means of a “clincher” agreement, it usually involves a full and final settlement of all claims (compensation and medical treatment benefits) but may contain some stipulation regarding future medical treatment to be provided to the injured worker.

Under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation law, workers who are deemed to be permanently and totally disabled are entitled to lifetime medical treatment for their work-related injuries.

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation law also provides that a claimant who is provided a prosthetic device as part of his medical treatment of a compensable injury is entitled to lifetime routine care and replacement of the prosthetic item as necessary.

Obviously, the settlement value and the responsibility for future medical bills are a huge concern when deciding IF and when to settle a Workers’ Compensation claim. This is why you need to hire an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney like Peter Brown, to handle your claim.

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