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Depositions are held in Workers’ Compensation cases when one party or another feels that additional information, in the form of physical questioning of witnesses or doctors, will be beneficial. Depositions are routine to both the claimant’s and the defense lawyer alike, and are a very valuable tool. The Deposition is very important in that the injured worker is giving a sworn statement about himself and his case which might later be admitted as evidence at the Workers’ Compensation Hearing.

Depositions usually take place with the claimant (and his attorney), the defense attorney, a Risk Management/Human Resource Representative and/or insurance adjuster, and a certified court reporter all physically present in the same conference room at a lawyer’s office. The court reporter puts the claimant under oath and the defense attorney has the opportunity to ask the claimant extensive questions.

Usually the questions are about the claimant’s work and educational background, driving and criminal records, and then on to specifics about the accident, injuries and treatment.

Where Experience Counts: The claimant’s attorney is present throughout the deposition, monitoring the defense attorney’s questions and his client’s responses, objecting and seeking clarification when and where it is needed.

The claimant’s attorney will have the opportunity to further elaborate on any facts or issues which might have been unclear or which might have initially been detrimental for the injured worker’s case.

Peter David Brown often goes into great detail in regard to the actual injury. This has proven to be a very valuable tactic over the years. By leading the injured worker through the details of the incident and subsequent injury, Peter seeks to logically connect the other injuries to the incident.

Defense attorneys often seek to minimize or ignore any secondary injuries in an attempt to deny them as part of the main claim. An experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney such as Peter will use every opportunity to advocate on behalf of his client. Don’t you think you need this type of experience working for you?

The fact that Peter David Brown, who has practiced Workers’ Compensation law for thirty (30) years, will often use this opportunity to fully elaborate on the facts surrounding the claimant’s injury and his particular medical issues is an excellent example of why you need an experienced attorney. We will prepare our client for the deposition by explaining the extensive process in great detail as well as answering any questions along with anticipating the defense attorney’s questions. We can ease the anxiety of the Deposition by thorough preparation.

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