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Benefits Generally

Generally speaking, Workers’ Compensation usually refers one, two or all three of the following benefits:

  • Medical treatment provided by the employer and or the insurance company handling the claim;
  • Temporary partial/total disability compensation paid while the injured worker is still recovering from his injuries and actively undergoing medical treatment; and,
  • Permanent partial/total disability compensation which is paid for injuries once the worker has reached a point in medical treatment where his condition is not likely to improve further and his doctor can determine the extent of the permanent injury.

Medical Treatment of Work Injuries:

Employers are one hundred (100%) percent responsible for the payment of the medical treatment for work related injuries.

However, there are conditions that the worker must follow.

*The injured worker must seek treatment from a medical provider authorized or approved by the employer and their insurance company. *

The injured worker must also comply with that medical treatment, or risk suspension or termination of payment of compensation and or, their entitlement to further medical treatment provided by the employer.

This does not mean that the injured worker must only treat with that specific doctor or medical provider. The employee may request alternate medical treatment if they are not satisfied with their progress or pace of treatment.

We rountinely seek additional or alternative physicians and specialists if we and our clients feel that they are not receiving the very best treatment they require for their specific injury!   An experienced workers’ compensation attorney like Peter Brown knows your rights and is willing to press the medical provider to give you the appropriate treatment.

Employers are also obligated to pay for the Claimant’s reasonable travel expenses to and from authorized medical treatment and pharmacies, provided that the provider or facility is at least five (5) miles one way or ten (10) miles round trip from the Claimant’s home or work. (The reimbursement rate per mile for South Carolina Workers’ Compensation claimants is the same as that for State of South Carolina employees).

The Workers’ Compensation claimant is also entitled to reimbursement for related medical expenses such as prescriptions, medical equipment, supplies, etc., provided that the injured worker has obtained a written order or prescription for the items from the authorized treating physician or provider. We can help you seek additional medical treatment and reimbursement for your expenses. We do this every day. Contact us at or (843) 971.0099 or [Click]


Right to Request a Change Of Physician:

As stated earlier, the injured worker or his attorney, has the right to request a change of authorized physician or to seek a second medical opinion to be provided by the employer and or carrier. If the employer/carrier and their attorney do not allow the change of physician or provide the second opinion evaluation, the claimant and his attorney must request a Hearing to have the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission review the case and order that the employer and carrier provide the requested treatment.

We routinely handle the change of authorized physicians and second opinions on behalf of our clients.

Additionally, at one’s own expense, the claimant can seek treatment or an evaluation with a physician of his choice. We can later ask that the new physician’s treatment costs be covered by the insurance carrier.

This is why you need to hire an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney to handle your claim. Please feel free to e-mail us at or call us at (843)971.0099. You can click [here] to reach us now and set up a no-cost conference to evaluate your claim and further advise you of your rights as an injured worker.

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