After you’ve been hit with a DUI, you might be tempted to simply avoid the topic while the case plays out, spending your time and energy on anything else that feels more pleasant. Unfortunately, avoidance isn’t going to solve the problem. Rather, you need to face it head-on, and as soon as possible, to improve your chances of a positive outcome. Working with a DUI attorney in Charleston SC as soon as possible is going to help you build a defense and figure out how to move forward. Also, getting started quickly will help you avoid missing an important deadline.

Requesting a Hearing with a DUI Attorney

According to the law in the state of South Carolina, you have just thirty days to ask for an Administrative Hearing if your license has been suspended. This is a critical deadline that you don’t want to miss, so getting started with a DUI attorney in Charleston SC right away will help you get in comfortably before this date comes and goes. It is at this Administrating Hearing that you will be able to request a Temporary Alcohol License, which will get you back on the road while your case is in progress. It would be a shame to miss this deadline and not have a chance to apply for a TAR, so don’t drag your feet on this matter.

Other Important Benefits

Teaming up with a DUI attorney in Charleston SC shortly after your DUI is important for reasons beyond getting an Administrative Hearing in a timely manner. You’ll also be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience that the attorney brings to your case, helping you to make key decisions and plan your strategy. Going into a DUI case on your own is taking an unnecessary risk because of the punishments that may be on the table. Investing in representation will help you build a stronger case and stand up for your rights.

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