What You Should Expect from Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Good lawyers are not cheap, and when your life is in the hands of a criminal defense lawyer, you should know what to expect because not all lawyers will give you the level of attention you deserve or need for your case. When you are paying for a private attorney, there are a few things you need to ensure your lawyer is doing for you, or you might want to find a new one.

  1. Good Communication- You should be able to contact your criminal defense attorney within their normal business hours and not be waiting for more than 48 hours for a call or email back. Your lawyer should also communicate with you openly about what is happening in your case and any communications they have had with prosecutors, witnesses, or anyone else important.
  2. Negotiating- Your lawyer needs to be an excellent negotiator to be able to get you the best plea bargain. A plea bargain may seem like a terrible idea because you are admitting guilt, but many times this is a great way to get reduced sentences or charges.
  3. Fight For You- The very best criminal defense attorneys will fight for you fearlessly and ferociously. If you feel as though your lawyer is getting you nowhere and isn’t putting up a fight to defend your case, seeking different representation is vital.
  4. Honesty- Your lawyer should be brutally honest with you. It is important for you to understand exactly what is happening and where you stand in the legal process. Lawyers shouldn’t give you false hope but should be realistic and give you the facts straight forward. They should also be upfront about their costs, billings, and expertise in your criminal defense.
  5. Knowledge- You should never find yourself questioning whether your attorney knows what they are talking about. Your lawyer should be knowledgeable on the law, legal rules and regulations, courtrooms systems, and the state legal system. They should have an excellent staff that is knowledgeable as well.

If you aren’t getting these five things from your lawyer, you should consider spending your money elsewhere and finding a defense attorney that will put your case first.

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