Uber, Lyft and Taxi Accidents

Have you been injured while travelling in an Uber, Lyft or Taxi?

Has the driver’s insurance company been difficult or even non responsive?

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Hybrid Insurance Problem:

Uber drivers are a hybrid insurance risk for their vehicle insurance companies that previously only insured a “person vehicle.”

Now the vehicle is “carrying persons for a charge,” and one of the South Carolina’s largest automobile insurers, State Farm, is saying that drivers aren’t covered.   (Post and Courier, January 26, 2017)

Where does this leave you?

Injured and without recourse against the negligent parties? No!

The Solution – Let Us Hold Them Accountable:

It takes and experienced attorney and his dedicated staff to wade through the “legal speak” of insurers and hold the negligent parties accountable.  Peter Brown will do that for you.

With thirty (30) years of practicing law to draw from, Peter can help you move forward with your injury claim.  Please contact our office at (843) 971.0099 or simply Click Here

Insurance Companies Acknowledge Gaps in Coverage:

GEICO and Allstate began to offer policies geared towards the commercial use of personal vehicles in February of 2016.  The insurers are “still working on unknown or unaddressed potential gaps in coverage.”

Don’t Delay Getting Medical Treatment

Let us handle these kinks with the insurance company while you are recovering from your injuries and getting your life back to normal.  There is no need to delay much needed medical treatment while adjuster and insurance agents decide if they will accept liability. We know how to proceed forward and protect your claim.  Let us do the heavy lifting while you recover from your injuries.

Allstate spokesman Adam Polak even acknowledged that there are gaps “that can arise between a customer’s personal policy and the commercial policy of Uber and Lyft.  We don’t’ want them sitting there and worry and having to be an expert on what Lyft has and what’s on their personal policy.”

Peter Brown deals with insurance companies every day.  Let us handle the legal aspects.

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