Personal Injury Lawyer | Ordinary vs. Gross Negligence

Personal Injury Lawyer | When it comes to your personal injury case, there are a few terms you should understand. Ordinary and gross negligence are terms you may hear thrown around a bit by your lawyer and other people involved with your case. Understanding these terms may bring clarity to your case.

Ordinary Negligence

Ordinary negligence refers to the concept that a person did not do their due diligence to ensure the safety of those around them. For example, a bus driver should always stop at a stop sign in order to ensure the safety of the patrons on the bus. However, if he speeds through a stop sign, then his actions are considered negligent. A typical person would assume that running a stop sign could put people in danger. Perhaps he didn’t intend for his actions to lead to injuries, but his failure to take precautions indicate that he was not taking proper precautions that a person in his position should.

Gross Negligence

Gross negligence is seen as more serious than ordinary negligence. This means that it went beyond simple carelessness and is classified as willful behavior that showcases extreme disregard for the well-being of others. Essentially, the actions of the person could result in foreseeable harm. Along the example provided above, if the same bus driver was speeding through an area with a lot of children playing outside, this action could be considered gross negligence. Why? Because the average person understands that speeding in a heavily populated pedestrian area could result in someone getting run over.

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