Personal Injury Lawyer | Are Some Dogs More Prone to Bite than Others?

Personal Injury Lawyer | Dog attacks have always been an unfortunately common occurrence. While a personal injury lawyer in Charleston is there to help victims of these cases, they are also there to educate people about how they avoid situations and understand if some dogs are more likely to bite than others. While the debate about dog breeds is always a hot one, sometimes people lose sight of the real issue at hand.

Ultimately, any personal injury lawyer Charleston attorney will tell you that they’ve seen all kinds of dog bite cases where the type of dog has ranged from large bully breeds to smaller “family friendly” breeds. So, let’s examine this question to find better a way to avoid dog bites in the future.

Dogs are Animals

Ultimately, no matter how friendly a dog seems or how much a family may trust their furry friend, dogs are animals. This means that their logic and problem-solving is much different than humans. The interact differently than people do, and as much as we want to humanize them, they are animals with innate instincts that don’t always coincide with what we may expect from them.

Aggressive Signs

The more important thing to focus on other than the type of dog is understanding signs of aggression. Dogs typically showcase a variety of warnings before they bite. This may include:

  • Snarling
  • Growling
  • Pacing
  • Broad stance
  • Lunging

Don’t ignore the signs of a distressed dog. It could make all the difference

Don’t Interact with Dogs You Don’t Know

One of the most frustrating aspects of a dog bite case is the human interaction with the dog before the bite. People should never reach out and pet a dog they do not know nor should they allow young children to be left alone with dogs.

Get the Help You Deserve

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