Personal Injury Lawyer Charleston SC | Why You Should Settle Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Out of Court

Personal Injury Lawyer Charleston SC | Most of the time, personal injury lawsuits settle before the victim ever has to set foot in the courtroom or in front of the judge. You may think talking to the judge and fighting your way through litigation may be the best way to get the compensation and results that you deserve, but the truth is that a personal injury lawyer in Charleston will best serve your needs by helping you reach an out of court settlement (in most cases). Let’s look at the benefits of settling outside of court so you can weigh your options. 

  1. Less Money- Time is money, lawyers’ fees are money, and none of us have enough to keep dishing out to whoever wants it, especially when we are injured. Settling outside of the court means less attorney’s fees, less filing and courtroom fees, and less time spent fighting (which, let’s be honest, could take years). Your personal injury lawyer in Charleston will be able to guide you on what you should accept and what you shouldn’t when it comes to settling a personal injury lawsuit, and you can rest assured they will get you the best deal possible. 
  2. Less Stress- No one tries to make going to court sound like a walk in the park for a good reason—It’s not! Preparing for and appearing in court is incredibly stressful and can even cause emotional distress for some people. Settling outside of court is not only people who are battling anxiety but for anyone that doesn’t want the undue stress of litigation while recovering from your injury. 
  3. Privacy- Trial records are public record unless the judge seals them, which means that anyone can look up the details of your trial and compromise your right to privacy. Settlements are private since they take place outside of the courtroom. 
  4. Predictability- You never know if your trial will come out in your favor. You may be stuck with the defendant’s attorney’s fees even if the judge rules against you, which can cost you thousands of dollars you don’t have. Your personal injury lawyer in Charleston will make sure that there are no surprises during your settlement, and you are getting what you deserve. 

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