Personal Injury Lawyer Charleston | Proving the Other Driver in an Accident Was Texting in South Carolina 

Personal Injury Lawyer Charleston | Using a cell phone while driving leads to 1.6 million car accidents every year, with about 25 percent of those accidents are being caused by texting and driving specifically. Distracted driving fatalities have prompted many states, including South Carolina, to pass laws banning cellphone use and texting while driving. However, just because something is illegal, doesn’t mean people don’t still do it and if you’ve recently been injured in a car accident where the other driver was distracted by their cell phone, you need a personal injury lawyer in Charleston to help you prove your case. 

How Can You Prove Someone Was Texting?

Proving someone was texting while driving is pretty easy to do for a personal injury lawyer in Charleston. The police report from the accident will indicate what time the accident happened. All your personal injury lawyer needs to do is subpoena the cell phone records of the other driver, and they can show whether or not the driver was distracted at the time of the accident. 

Another way a personal injury lawyer in Charleston can prove the other driver was texting is by interviewing witnesses. Other people who saw the accident might have noticed that the driver was looking down at their phone. 

Your lawyer can also request traffic cameras or other nearby businesses street-facing cameras to see if there is an explicit video of the other driver being distracted. If the accident happened near a school, daycare, or traffic light, there is a good chance a traffic camera recorded the accident as it happened. 

Your likelihood of getting hit by a distracted driver is six times higher than your risk of getting hit by a drunk driver. On average 11 teenagers die every day because they are texting and driving. The only way to reduce the damage caused by texting and driving is to hold those who do it accountable. A personal injury lawyer in Charleston can help you get justice for your injuries sustained in a car accident. 

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