Personal Injury Lawyer Charleston | When Your Kid Slips and Falls at a Neighbor’s House

Personal Injury Lawyer Charleston | Kids are clumsy, they don’t always pay attention, and they are notorious for getting hurt, no matter how hard parents try to protect them. Most families love the idea of their children being able to spend time at their friend’s home and bounce around between backyards on the block. The last thing a parent wants to think about is what they will do if they receive a call from another parent or the authorities, letting them know their child has been injured.

Whether it’s a scraped knee, dog bite, a broken arm from jumping on a trampoline, or falling from a tree-house and having the worst happen, parent’s need to know how to get their child adequately compensated for their trauma and a personal injury attorney in Charleston can assist your family.

Should I Sue My Neighbors for Injury Compensation?

Suing your neighbors when your child is hurt at their home is a big decision, and you might think about a lot of factor including your relationship with them and other neighbors, or the financial impact on the neighbor if you take them to court. The Law Office of Peter David Brown, P.A. can help you navigate the best decision for your family’s unique situation.

When your child is playing with permission at a friend’s house, the homeowner is responsible for your child’s safety. When a responsible adult fails to supervise, has dangerous objects or animals on their property, your child drowns in their swimming pool, or slips on their deck, that adult can be held responsible.

Your insurance company will want you to submit a claim against the neighbor’s insurance company for compensation. When that neighbor doesn’t have homeowners or renter’s insurance, or they don’t have enough to adequately compensate your child’s injury claim, a personal injury attorney in Charleston can help you get the compensation you deserve civilly. Most of the time, when you are suing your neighbor, your personal injury attorney in Charleston is really suing the homeowner’s insurance.

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