Personal Injury Lawyer Charleston | Getting Injured on The Water in Charleston

Personal Injury Lawyer Charleston | Charleston, South Carolina offers dozens of water sports and recreation opportunities. Famous for their beaches, visitors love to go boating, deep sea fishing, waterboarding, jet skiing, or other fun water activities. The waterways in Charleston can become quickly congested with tourists and vacationers, which can distract boat drivers, and when there is alcohol involved, waterway accidents can be deadly. A personal injury attorney in Charleston can help ensure you are adequately compensated for your injuries.

Maritime Insurance Claims

Maritime insurance claims are becoming more common in South Carolina, and many of these accidents lead to death, unfortunately. Most boating accidents occur when one boat does not yield to another, and in these tragic accidents, someone will be found at fault, and their maritime insurance will need to pay out compensation. As the victim of a maritime accident, you don’t have to deal with any of the insurance companies yourself, a personal injury attorney in Charleston can take care of the details so you can worry about healing.

Make sure you contact a personal injury attorney in Charleston as soon as you can after your injuries. Do not speak to insurance companies or representatives from rental companies until you have secured a lawyer.

Most Common Boating Injuries

The types of injuries you can sustain while on a boat or watercraft can be almost endless, but there are many common injuries seen on the water in Charleston, SC. Broken bones are the most common injuries on the water, but there are also a lot of facial injuries, head and neck injuries, and sometimes accidental drownings. Head and neck injuries can also result in death, paralysis, and neurological issues, which can have long term effects on your health. Most waterway accidents are avoidable, and if you are a victim of a boating or water accident that has altered your life, you deserve compensation.

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