Personal Injury Attorney | Is it Required to Contact Your Insurance Company After an Auto Accident?

Personal injury attorney in Charleston often gets asked about the nuances involved with an auto accident case. People simply do not know some of the required steps because they’ve never been through something like this before. Don’t wait until you’ve been in an accident, find the valuable information that you need right now.

One of the most common questions is about if you must contact your insurance company after a car accident. The short answer is yes. However, there is a more significant explanation that people need to hear from a personal injury attorney Charleston.

Failure to Report an Accident Could Result in No Coverage

If you don’t report an accident to your insurance, they could drop you as a customer. If you look closely at your insurance agreement, there is likely a clause that explicitly states this. Usually, you have between 48-72 hours to report the incident.

You Could Need Your Insurance Coverage

Even if the accident appears minor, you may end up needing your insurance to cover the damages. After all, isn’t this what insurance is for. It’s important to let them know about the accident so they can start working through the claim if necessary.

Be Straightforward

Your insurance is there for you. When telling them about the accident just stick to the facts. Don’t lie or omit information. If it’s your fault, they need to know that. You won’t be doing yourself any favors by lying about the events of the accident. They will find out.

Get the Guidance You Need

Personal Injury cases can be incredibly complex. Don’t go through the process alone. Instead, contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney Charleston to work through the steps with you. Peter David Brown and his legal team are there for you. Simply make the call today to get the help that you deserve.