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Personal Injury Attorney Charleston | You’ve probably heard about the injuries and deaths relating to vaping that have happened recently. This new surge of vaping deaths is becoming more common, especially in young people with eighteen deaths currently reported but more than 1,000 deaths that vaping is suspected to be related to. The vaping company, Juul is currently facing many lawsuits due to these injuries and deaths, and other companies are also receiving severe backlash for vaping injuries. If you have been injured by vaping you should contact a personal injury attorney in Charleston to discuss your case.

Why is Juul and Vaping Harmful?

When the e-cig trend first began, many people believed that vaping was a much safer alternative to smoking or chewing tobacco because they were getting a direct hit of nicotine vapor, without the additives and carcinogens that are put into cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. However, recent studies have confirmed that vaping is indeed harmful and even fatal. One important aspect of these cases is that although there are enormous lawsuits against Juul, there has not been one singular company that has been linked to all vaping deaths and injuries. So, even if you use a vaping product other than Juul, you should still consult with a personal injury attorney in Charleston.

What has been linked to the injuries and deaths, however, is the chemical diacetyl, which is used in the flavoring of the juice. In its organic form, diacetyl is harmless; however, when heat is applied, like vapes do, the chemical becomes toxic and can cause severe respiratory illnesses such as popcorn lung, respiratory collapse, and death. Propylene glycol, PG, is also suspected to be causing injury with hundreds of complaints of vape juice with PG causing them to have swollen lymph nodes, irritation in their mouth or throat, and inflamed airways.

Other tests have recently shown that high concentrations of nicotine are cytotoxic, which means that the chemical is toxic to living cells in the respiratory system. These tests were related to the Juul company itself with complaints that their nicotine levels were concentrated to the level of being dangerous for human consumption.

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