Personal Injury Attorney Charleston | What Happens When Riders are Injured in an Uber?

Personal Injury Attorney Charleston | You might think that if you’re riding in an Uber or Lyft that the driver’s insurance, or even the ride-share program itself, is responsible for your injuries if the driver is in an accident, but this is not always the case. Ride-share driver’s insurance on their personal vehicles only covers when the car is a personal vehicle and when the car is carrying people for a charge, the liability for injuries to the passengers becomes a grey area. You may need to consider a personal injury attorney in Charleston to handle your injury claim when involved in a ride for hire accident.

Uber Drivers and Insurance

If you are an Uber Driver and you don’t want to be held personally liable for paying for your rider’s injuries, you need to consider insurance companies that have coverage plans for commercial use of personal vehicles. Uber’s insurance companies are notorious for avoiding responsibility and denying claims for your riders. Uber also offers extended insurance protections for drivers to protect drivers even when they don’t have a passenger in tow.

Riders and Insurance

If you’re riding in an Uber or Lyft and the driver is involved in an accident, no matter whose fault it seems to be, medical professionals should see you to assess your injuries. Even if you don’t believe you are hurt, delaying medical treatment could make your potential injuries worse. Don’t worry about your insurance or the driver’s insurance, let your personal injury attorney in Charleston handle all of your paperwork and compensation claims while you focus on getting healthy.

If the ride-share program’s insurance company or the driver’s insurance company calls you wanting information, refer them to your personal injury attorney in Charleston. Never answer any questions yourself or confirm or deny details of your injuries.

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