Personal Injury Attorney | How to Avoid Accidents on Unfamiliar Roads

We find that many clients that are looking for a personal injury attorney in Charleston have been involved in an accident on a road that was not familiar to them. In order to avoid these accidents before they happen, there are a few critical pieces of advice that you can follow.

Plan Your Route in Advance

Planning your route before you start your trip can help you become familiar with the roads, turns, and potential obstacles that you may face during your trip. Preplanning your route will help you reduce distractions during your drive, plan appropriate places to stop, and keep you aware of what lies ahead.

Use Voice Guidance

If your phone offers driving directions that are read aloud, take advantage of the feature. These travel tools help to reduce distractions and help prepare you for any turns in advance. This guidance can help you keep your focus on the road and reduce the possibility of getting lost in areas that you haven’t traveled before.

Don’t Panic if You Miss a Turn

Many people that hire a personal injury attorney in Charleston state that they were involved in an accident after they missed an exit and made an irrational lane change. If you miss your turn wait for a safe opportunity to turn around. It may add a few minutes to your arrival time, but resolving an accident takes much longer.

Slow Down

When navigating in areas that you haven’t been before, allow yourself extra time. Reducing your speed can create additional time for you to react to sudden changes on the road. Some areas may have sharp curves, wildlife, obstacles in the road, or other traffic. In any of these situations, more time allows you to navigate the road safely and make it to your destination.

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