Getting a DUI can be a life-altering experience for almost everyone. Getting a DUI can result in fines, license suspension, and even jail time in some cases. One of the biggest detriments people face when getting a DUI is job loss. Sometimes, people will lose their jobs because they cannot drive there anymore or get a ride. Other employees could potentially lose their jobs if they go to jail. There are even cases where people have lost their jobs simply because management found out about a DUI. However, before reporting your DUI to your employer, contact a Mt. Pleasant DUI Lawyer to find out if it is necessary.
When to Disclose Your DUI to an Employer

According to our Mt. Pleasant DUI lawyer, there are a few times where you might be forced to disclose your DUI to an employer.
1. If Your Employment Contract Requires You To
2. Your Job Requires You to Have a Valid Driver’s License
3. Your Job Has Conditions on Employment Based on Driving Record
4. If the job application requires you to disclose DUIs or other criminal convictions

There are very limited circumstances where an employer can ask about your personal life outside of the workplace. If you feel as though your manager is asking inappropriate questions about your legal case, make sure to tell your Mt. Pleasant DUI Lawyer.
Can A DUI be a Reason for Termination of Employment?

Yes. A DUI can be a reason for termination of employment if your employment contract says that driving violations or criminal convictions would void that contract. Typically, these rules and policies are outlined in a businesses’ employee handbook or policy guide.
If you have been terminated due to your employer finding out about a DUI contact your union representative, or a Mt. Pleasant DUI lawyer.

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