Why You Need Us!

We know your privilege to legally operate a motor vehicle is extremely important to you.

It is also crucial to you and your family’s financial well-being.

To lose your Driver’s License would be at the very least, a huge inconvenience, if not devastating.

Additionally, DUI is a criminal offense, and a conviction will appear on your:

  1. NCIC (National Crime Information Center), and
  2. SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) background checks, and obviously, your
  3. South Carolina driving record.

A DUI is a matter of public record.  You might have already received letters from attorneys soliciting you to hire them to represent you.

You need to protect your driving privilege by hiring an experienced DUI Defense Firm that handles these types of cases every day.

Because DUIs are such a large part of our practice, we can often handle matters more efficiently and at a very reasonable cost to the client.

We are already familiar with the law, the defenses, the officers and the Judges in many instances.

We have a proven reputation in the law enforcement and legal community.

Peter Brown has literally handled hundreds of DUIs over his thirty (30) years of practicing law. That fact alone puts him in a very select group of DUI Trial Attorneys. He has obtained numerous not guilty verdicts and dismissals in courtrooms throughout the state.

Peter is a member of the National DUI College, Inc. which is also a select group of DUI lawyers.

South Carolina’s DUI laws are one of the hottest political topics in the State Legislature every single year! Our laws are tied into Federal Funding for the roads and special interest groups such as MADD and their candidates are always seeking to increase the penalties.

DUI Laws Change Frequently:

The DUI laws are constantly changing as a result of the new legislation, whether it is for Interlock Devices for convicted drivers or stiffer penalties for repeat offenders. There are decisions made by magistrates in each county and circuit courts throughout the State weekly that can affect your case. There are constantly new challenges to the DUI laws being brought before the SC Court of Appeals and the SC Supreme Court for review and clarification of existing laws. These cases reshape the handling of DUI cases several times a year. Please see our BLOG and Recent Articles to view a few of the 180º degree changes our courts have made in just the last twenty-four (24) months!

You need an attorney on your side who knows the law and who will work hard to protect your privilege to drive!  While we can never guarantee an outcome, and every single case is different, we will work each case diligently to assist out client in obtaining the best possible result in light of their individual circumstances.

Please contact us immediately if you or someone you know has been arrested for DUI or a related offense.  You may reach us by phone at 843-971-0099, or by clicking here to contact us for a free case evaluation.  Even if you don’t hire us, you need to hire an experienced attorney to at least review the facts of your case. Your privilege to drive is too important.




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