Implied Consent and Ignition Interlock Devices

Implied Consent/Ignition Interlock Devices:

If a suspension is upheld by the Court, the operator will have the option of enrolling in the IID Program and obtaining an IID Restricted License for six (6) months for a refusal and three (3) months for a reading of 0.15 or greater.


  • 1st Conviction – Six (6) months suspension
    • If person refused BAC test = six (6) months IID
    • BAC of 0.12 or higher = six (6) months IID (SC = 0.15 or higher)
  • 2nd Conviction – Two (2) years with IID
  • 3rd Conviction – Three (3) years with IID
    • If third (3rd) conviction is within five (5) years of first (1st) conviction = four (4) years with IID
  • 4th or Subsequent Conviction = LIFE with IID
  • Eligible for a Provisional Driver’s License for First Offense DUI or DUAC, except refusal or BAC of 0.12 or higher (in SC =0.15 or higher), with no driving restrictions
  • All others will receive an IID

We are familiar with all the above penalties, fines, Emma’s Law and Ignition Interlock Devices.  We can help you find a provider near your residence and advise you of the fees to expect.  This is just another service we provide for your clients.

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