Felony DUI

  • Serious Charges
  • Quick Action Required

While a conviction for Driving Under the Influence in any fashion is a serious matter, a conviction for Felony DUI is a life-altering event. 

Not only will you be facing the regular penalties associated with a DUI arrest and conviction, but a conviction for Felony DUI may carry mandatory terms of imprisonment in the SC Department of Corrections (prison, not a local jail), very large fines and the loss of one’s driving privileges for an extended period of time after serving one’s prison sentence.  In addition, the mandatory sentences imposed by the Court can not be suspended and are not eligible for probationary sentences.

You can be charged with a felony in South Carolina if, while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you cause great bodily injury or death to another person while operating a motor vehicle.  You may also be charged with a felony if arrested for a Fourth or greater DUI offense within a ten (10) year period.

If you or a family member have been arrested for Felony DUI, speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney immediately is imperative.  Our highly capable defense team has many years of experience in defending DUI arrests.  Time is of the essence when defending these most serious of charges.

The Police Are Already Investigating:

When investigating an accident involving the suspicion of DUI, law enforcement officers work very quickly to build their case against the Defendant driver.

They will often bring in their own accident reconstruction team to get measurements, take photographs and document the crime scene. They will interview all witnesses on the scene.

They will ask that you submit to field sobriety tests and/or blood alcohol tests, and will record your activity during the investigation. Unlike a regular DUI, the police can take your blood sample. Because of the severity of the charge, the option of a refusal has been removed as an option.

An experienced DUI attorney can and will challenge this seizure of your blood.


If you have been charged with Felony DUI, it is crucial that you speak with an experienced DUI defense attorney immediately.

Early investigation is critical immediately after the accident and arrest. We have our own experts who will help us examine the evidence, review and reconstruct the accident scene, and find and interview independent witnesses. 

We are experienced in challenging the State’s investigation and their investigators, reviewing and challenging the evidence, and applying the latest legislation and most recent case law to the particular facts and circumstances of your case.

If you have been charged with Felony DUI, please contact us immediately so that our experienced team can begin building your defense before valuable information is lost, removed and is no longer available.  You may reach us by phone at 843-971-0099, or by clicking here to contact us.




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