DUI Lawyer | When to Ask for A DUI Lawyer

Getting arrested for a DUI can be a scary time, especially if you are inebriated and not understanding what is happening to you. In most DUI cases the officers have enough evidence at the scene to take a suspect into custody and the Miranda Rights are not always required to be read to the criminal, so you may not even realize that you have the right to DUI lawyer when you are arrested. However, when you are arrested, if officers take you into interrogation the first thing you should do is ask to invoke your right to remain silent and call a DUI lawyer. You have the right to a lawyer as soon as you are taken into custody.

DUI Lawyer Process For Arrest

After you are arrested and taken into custody, the police officer will take you to the jail where you will be booked and cited for the DUI. During booking you will have to turn over your personal belongings including clothes and be given new clothes to wear. You may also have a body cavity search conducted before being taken to a holding cell. If you are jailed on a Friday, you’ll have to wait until Monday to see a judge to ask for a personal recognizance bond or set bail. After a judge is seen and bail is set, defendants will also have an option to be bailed out.

Being bailed out of jail means that the defendant can go home and back to their daily life if they show up to their court dates. However, you will need a DUI lawyer to help you get a Temporary Alcohol License and be able to drive until your administrative and criminal hearings. Using the same lawyer for both of these cases is in your best interest and can get you back on the road quickly.

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