DUI Lawyer | What is a Temporary Alcohol License

When you’re arrested for a DUI you license is immediately suspended through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Many defendants think that the suspension is a done deal and before they know it, their ability to get to school or work is ripped right out from underneath of them. This is not the case however! A DUI lawyer in South Carolina can get you back on the road in just a few days by requesting a temporary alcohol license (TAL) for you!

Temporary Alcohol License- A temporary alcohol license (TAL) is a permit that allows drivers in South Carolina to drive within the state only without any other restrictions until an administrative hearing is held.

The best way to receive at TAL is to hire a DUI lawyer who can then request an administrative hearing. Defendants only have 30 days from the time of their arrest to challenge their driver’s license suspension so hiring your lawyer as soon as possible is vital to your defense. Both the DMV and the judge who presides over your DUI case can suspend your license and these suspensions cannot be completely congruently. An administrative hearing for your DMV suspension may not have the same results as your DUI case which means that even if your suspension is rescinded by the DMV, you may still be facing a driver’s license suspension from the criminal court system.

What Should You Know About A Temporary Alcohol License

Keep in mind that a Temporary Alcohol License is not considered legal identification. You will not be able to use a TAR to verify your age or identity for purchasing alcohol or cigarettes, getting into bars or clubs, or anything else requiring an ID. You’ll also need to be able to provide proof of residence, insurance information, a birth certificate, and social security card. You DUI lawyer should have a checklist to help you prepare.

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