It’s easy enough to find a DUI lawyer in Charleston SC. Simply search the web for DUI attorneys in this area – which you may already have done – and you’ll be presented with countless options. So, you just click on one and get started, right? Not so fast. While tracking down a DUI lawyer in Charleston SC is easy, finding a good one requires a little more effort. There are a few important characteristics to look for that will help you narrow down your search and find a firm that is fully capable of handling your case. 


Experience, Experience, Experience

By now, you are probably quite aware of the importance of a DUI case, and how seriously it can impact the rest of your life. So, knowing what’s on the line, trusting a DUI lawyer in Charleston SC that doesn’t have much experience in the field would be a huge risk. There’s no reason to take that chance when seasoned, knowledgeable lawyers are ready and willing to take up your cause. Even if you look for nothing else, a focus on experience when picking your representation will go a long way toward pointing you in the right direction. 


Other Key Factors

In addition to finding an experienced lawyer, you’ll also want to look for an attorney who will personally meet with you right from the start. This isn’t always the case in some firms, so you might not get the attention and consideration that you deserve. Also, an attorney who will handle your court appearances and will offer fair rates for their services should be high on your priority list. Once you have your options narrowed down, place some phone calls to see what kind of service is offered by each. With just a little time and effort, you should find a lawyer that is worthy of working with you on this serious matter. 


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