A DUI case may be the most important legal matter of your life. There are serious consequences on the table here, although those consequences will vary depending on the details of the case. Given the gravity of the situation, be sure to strongly value experience as you shop for a DUI lawyer in Charleston SC. You simply don’t want to trust something this important to a lawyer who is just getting started and learning on the job. There are never any guarantees with regard to how your case will wind up but putting experience on your side is a good starting point.

More Than Knowing the Law

Any DUI lawyer in Charleston SC is going to know the law. They have all had to pass the relevant exams to practice law in this state, so a valuable base of knowledge is already in place. But it is often experience that can make the difference. Rather than leaning on knowledge of the law alone, an experienced DUI lawyer in Charleston SC can also call on previous cases, strategies that have worked in the past, and more. Also, there is a confidence that is developed over years of handling DUI cases that would not be there otherwise.

Still Needs to Be a Good Fit

Even when you find an experienced lawyer who could take your case, it’s still important to make sure he or she is a good fit for you personally. Sometimes people just don’t ‘click’ for whatever reason – so don’t put yourself in the position of working with an attorney that isn’t the right one for you. Going through a free consultation is a great way to have a conversation and judge whether or not an attorney is the best fit for your case.

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