Getting arrested for a DUI can lead to some severe consequences including losing your driver’s license, paying fines, or losing your job. One of the biggest consequences of getting a DUI however is the possibility of Child Protective Services getting involved in your family. Our DUI lawyer in Charleston SC deals with cases when DUIs arrests lead to disruptions in the family environment. You can never be certain what exactly will happen after you choose to drink and drive which is why you should never get behind the wheel drunk.

Why CPS Gets Involved with DUIs

There are a few reasons why Child Protective Services might automatically get involved with a family during DUI proceedings.
1. The DUI happened while children were present in the vehicle
2. The defendant joes to jail and the children need to be temporarily placed

Having children in the car when a DUI happens does not automatically mean that the children will be taken out of the home or the parent will lose their custody rights. However, the consequences for a DUI are much more severe when they occur with children present.
When you are arrested for a DUI and were transporting minors, you can also be charged with children endangerment and neglect. If you crashed the vehicle or caused property damage, those charges can be increased even more to include aggravated DUI charges, reckless endangerment, and child cruelty.

Your DUI lawyer in Charleston SC cannot stop CPS from removing the children from your home and cannot represent that part of your case unless they also take cases in family law. However, they can use your family situation to help argue why you should qualify for a temporary work permit license or a reduction in bond if you are jailed, fines, or penalties. When you meet with a DUI lawyer in Charleston SC, make sure to fill them in on the full scope of your story and situation.

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