Everyone makes mistakes in their teen years, and these mistakes should not always haunt us the rest of our lives, but, unfortunately, some do—including Driving Under the Influence charges in South Carolina. DUIs in this state cannot be expunged from your permanent record, even if they are committed by minors. DUIs are also not eligible for the Pretrial Intervention Program and are adverse against your driving record for ten years.

Minors will always need to hire a DUI lawyer in Charleston SC if they are arrested for a DUI because the charge is especially hard to beat without representation. South Carolina is a zero-tolerance state when it comes to DUIs and a minor only must have a blood alcohol level of .02% or higher to be charged with a DUI compared to adults who must be over .08% to be charged with DUI.

Teens can also suffer consequences when it comes to getting into college if they have a DUI. Many college applications ask if the student has ever been arrested or charged with a crime. While it may be tempting to just answer “no,” if you are admitted to the school and they find out about the charge later, you may be kicked out without refund of your tuition. If you had received scholarships, you may have to pay them back. Therefore, having a DUI Lawyer in Charleston SC is important for teens who get pulled over for a DUI.

Getting a DUI as a minor or even after turning 21 can also affect your future career path. Many employers will do background checks on their employees and will not hire someone with a prior DUI. This is especially true for driver, healthcare careers, educators, and careers in banking and finance.

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