Getting a DUI is likely to affect all areas of your life. There are personal ramifications to being charged with DUI, and you’ll have to consider what effect this event is going to have on your long-term future. In addition, your professional career could be impacted, so that element is worth considering during this process. To protect your career to the greatest extent possible, retain the help of a DUI lawyer in Charleston as soon as possible. 


A Conviction Could Be Trouble

Depending on your profession, being convicted of a DUI could lead to issues with your employment. It’s possible that you will lose your job, or you may end up with some form of discipline and restrictions on what you can do in the future. The ramifications will vary wildly from one type of work to the next, but the common theme is this – a DUI conviction will not be good for your career, and avoiding that outcome is certainly in your best interest. With so much on the line, getting help from a DUI lawyer in Charleston instead of trying to defend yourself is a logical game plan. 


Transportation Issues

Even if your employment status is not affected by a DUI, you may still have trouble keeping your job due to transportation struggles. If you can’t drive, you’ll need to work on securing another form of transportation to get to work on time each day. Options could include getting a ride from someone else, taking public transportation, etc. However, those options may not be available, or reliable enough to keep your job in good standing. As a better alternative, work with a DUI lawyer in Charleston to fight for your right to get back on the road while your case is in progress. 


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