When you are charged with DUI, there will be evidence assembled that the prosecution feels points to your guilt. The strength of that evidence will vary from case to case, depending on what was collected and the circumstances of the event. When you hire a DUI lawyer in Charleston to work on your case, one of the key points of focus will be to spot the weaknesses in that case and use those as proof of your innocence. It’s important to start working with an attorney as soon as possible after you have been charged so there is enough time to carefully review the case and identify the weak points to target. 

Not a DIY Project

It might seem simple enough to look for the weaknesses in your case on your own, but that’s a risky path to take. Without experience in this field, and without formal legal training, it will be difficult – or nearly impossible – to craft an appropriate strategy. A DUI lawyer in Charleston, on the other hand, will have all the training and experience necessary to review the evidence being used in your case carefully. Given the seriousness of these charges and the potential penalties on the table for a conviction, now is not the time to gamble. Get the help of a DUI lawyer in Charleston and work together with your representation to craft a plan. 

Take Nothing for Granted

Even if you think that the case against you is weak before you’ve talked to an attorney, don’t assume that the charges won’t stick. You never quite know how the process is going to play out, and you don’t want to just assume that you won’t be convicted in the end. Again, the important thing to remember is the seriousness of this matter. Take all measures necessary to argue for your case and your rights, and never assume that it will just work out on its own. 

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