DUI Lawyer | Your First DUI

DUI Lawyer | Being arrested for a DUI in South Carolina is a scary thing to go through that can leave you confused and uncertain about where your life is headed next. You don’t have to go through the frightening experience on your own though. An experienced DUI lawyer can help you navigate through your DUI case.

What Are the Consequences for Your First DUI

Every DUI case is different, which is why you need a DUI lawyer to help ensure you have fair consequences for your first DUI. In South Carolina, there are a few usual consequences when you get your first DUI:

  • Your vehicle may have gotten impounded. When you are arrested, unless someone else is with you that can drive, the police will have it towed. Make sure to get your car out as soon as possible since impound rates accumulate daily. If your license is suspended, or the police took your license when you were arrested, you won’t be allowed to drive your car home.
  • Your license will probably be suspended. DUIs are serious offenses that could result in people, including yourself, being injured, and even if its only your first DUI offense, your license can be suspended. If you refused the breath or blood test at arrest, your license will be suspended for a minimum of 6 months. If you do agree to the test, and the blood alcohol concentration was more than .15%, your license will also be suspended, but your DUI lawyer can help you request an implied consent hearing. You’ll be able to get a temporary alcohol license to drive on until your trial.
  • You’ll need to appear in court. If you got a DUI but did not injure anyone, you will most likely be offered bond and can be released from jail until your court date. This date will be on your ticket if you cannot pay your bond or are not offered bond because of the extent of damages related to your DUI, you may be jailed until your court date. Your DUI lawyer will come to you to work on your case if you are imprisoned.

Your DUI consequences will depend a lot on what happened when you got your DUI, such as property damage or personal injury. A DUI can result in other criminal charges or traffic violations that your DUI lawyer can help you negotiate a plea to resolve.

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