DUI Lawyer Charleston | Drunk Driving on Halloween 

DUI Lawyer Charleston | Millions of children and adults around the world celebrate Halloween. A night that should be filled with candy, costumes, and friends can often turn deadly for people who drink and drive; and it’s not just the drivers who get hurt. Pedestrians make up 28 percent of the traffic fatalities on Halloween night, and half of those are because of drunk drivers. Any DUI lawyer will tell you that if you’ve been on drinking on Halloween night you definitely should not be driving yourself anywhere, but if you do plan on venturing out to a bar or party with alcohol, there are a few things you should know:

  1. Trick or Treat Hours- If you are going out to a party or the bar on Halloween, wait until after trick or treat hours are over. Most neighborhoods require trick or treating to be over by 8 pm. The fewer cars on the road during trick or treat hours the less risk there is of you hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle whether you have been drinking or not. 
  2. Have a Designated Driver- You might not plan on getting too drunk to drive on Halloween night, but the best advice a DUI lawyer will give you if you plan on drinking is to have a ride home. Ask a friend to volunteer as a designated driver on Halloween (It can be your turn on New Year’s Eve), or make sure to download a rideshare app like Uber while you are still sober. A ride across town will cost far less than a DUI lawyer, bail money, and tickets if you are arrested for drunk driving. 
  3. Drive Slowly in Residential Areas- Trick or treat hours may be over at 8 pm but that doesn’t mean that everyone will be home. You should always drive slowly through residential neighborhoods, but on Halloween, foot traffic will be higher than usual all night. Make sure you obey traffic signals and street signs and pay attention to the road when you are driving through neighborhoods. 

Often on Halloween, the police will set up checkpoints and make everyone that is driving down that particular roadshow license and registration, insurance, and even take a blow test. Do not try to avoid these checkpoints as there will be police officers sitting on sideroads waiting to pull you over for avoiding the checkpoint.

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