If you have recently been charged with your first DUI, you might not know where to start. You will need to defend yourself against the charges, figure out how you can get back on the road, and much more. When considering your DUI defense in Charleston, speed is an important factor to keep in mind. And, by speed, we don’t mean how fast you may have been driving – rather, we are talking about how quickly you get started on your defense. Don’t waste any time getting started on your defense, as lost time at the start could put you behind and make it harder to argue your case properly. 


Find the Evidence You Need

As time passes, important evidence for your case is likely to disappear – or at least be harder to find. For instance, if statements from witnesses are needed, those statements will be easier to collect quickly after the event takes place. People will soon forget what they saw or become more difficult to track down. For the strongest possible DUI defense in Charleston, get started immediately by contacting an attorney who will work in your best interests. 


Get Back on the Road

Not only do you want to start on DUI defense in Charleston quickly to make it easier to build a strong case, but you also want to petition to get back on the road, so you can keep up with your normal life. Losing the ability to drive is a significant challenge when trying to juggle professional and personal obligations. Partnering with an experienced DUI attorney in the Charleston area will help you take the right steps to hopefully get approved for a Temporary Alcohol License. Don’t make the mistake of just assuming that you won’t be able to drive in the aftermath of your DUI – you may be able to get back on the road shortly with the right help. 


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