TARL – Temporary Alcohol Restricted License

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Overnight The Paperwork

We will overnight mail the required fees and application to the appropriate agency in Columbia to shorten the time that it takes to obtain the TARL. Again, this usually takes three (3) to five (5) working days.


We will next receive a date for your Administrative Hearing and you will receive notification from the Department of Motor Vehicles that you may obtain your TARL from one of the local DMV offices. This will involve a One Hundred ($100.00) Dollar reinstatement fee in addition to the DMV’s fee for the driver’s license itself.

The TARL will allow the Defendant to drive unrestricted within the State of South Carolina. The TARL is valid until after the Administrative Hearing, until such time as the Hearing Officer ultimately issues a ruling as to whether or not the suspension of the Defendant’s driver’s license was valid, in regard to the accuracy of the .015% or above reading or in regard to the Defendant’s alleged refusal to submit to the test.


A Temporary Alcohol Restricted License (TARL) is only necessary under two (2) circumstances:

*When the Defendant takes the Breath Analysis (BA) Test (Data Master DMT) and registers a result of 0.15 % or greater; or

*The Defendant is deemed by the arresting officer to have REFUSED to provide a valid sample upon being read his implied consent rights.

Suspension Periods

The suspension period for each of the above circumstances differs drastically. When the Defendant takes the test and registers a reading of 0.15 % or greater, the Defendant’s privilege to drive must be suspended for THIRTY (30) DAYS.

If the Defendant is deemed to have refused the test, the Defendant’s privilege to drive must be suspended for a period of SIX (6) MONTHS (or longer for previous Implied Consent suspensions). You have the opportunity to apply for and receive a TARL for Two Hundred ($200.00) Dollars and we will assist you in requesting an Administrative Hearing and applying for a TARL.



Minimize Your Down Time

Our office regularly and routinely makes these requests for our clients so that the length of time that they are forced to be without their privilege to drive is minimized.

Please review the Administrative Hearing Section of this website regarding the importance of the Administrative Hearing as it relates to your DUI defense.

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