Ideally, your DUI charges will be dropped before the case actually gets to trial. This is not going to happen in all cases, of course, but it is a possibility in the right circumstances. If you think having your DUI charges dropped is a realistic possibility based on the specifics of your case, be sure to discuss this with your attorney early in the process. Getting DUI charges dropped is not easy but an experienced attorney may be able to secure that outcome. 

Why Would Charges Be Dropped?

Since there are so many variables at play in any given DUI case, there are many reasons why the charges could wind up being dropped before a trial arrives. For example, if the tests used to evaluate sobriety were illegal in some way – such as they were administered incorrectly – the entire case will likely be thrown out. Or, if you were stopped illegally, you may have a case to get the charges dropped. One other potential issue with the legality of your case is a failure to advise you of your rights at the time of your arrest. These are just three of many potential reasons that could see your DUI charges dropped before a trial date arrives. 

Representation is Key

Even if you think your charges should certainly be dropped because of an error in the process or another issue, never take that outcome for granted. Making assumptions is always dangerous law, and that’s especially true with something as serious as DUI charges. Work with an experienced DUI attorney to create a solid argument as to why your charges should be dismissed prior to trial. Getting help early on in the case will not only help you work toward a dismissal, but it will put representation on your side if the case is not dropped and you do have to go to trial. 

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