A DUI in South Carolina is a serious offense and one that could jeopardize someone’s immigration status. Current laws would allow for someone to be deported after they receive a DUI if they are not in this country legally. A DUI can also affect someone’s green card status as even minor run-ins with law enforcement can cause a green card to be revoked. Immigrants who are dealing with a DUI arrest will need to hire a highly rated DUI Attorney Mt Pleasant residents trust and an immigration attorney as well.

What Happens to Immigrants After DUI Arrest?

When you are arrested, regardless of immigration status, you will be fingerprinted and photographed. This identifying information is uploaded into a national database that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has access to as part of the incarcerated person’s permanent record. ICE can use this system to find out current addresses for immigrants that are in the country illegally.

The DUI offense on an immigrant’s permanent record could also affect their eligibility to renew their VISA or Green card when it is expired. Criminal convictions of any kind will often result in a renewal application being denied for immigrants. A DUI Attorney Mt Pleasant immigrant can rely on will do anything they can to get the least severe sentencing for their client or get the DUI charges dismissed completely! However, once an arrest is made, the identifying information will be in the database forever.

The worst-case consequences for immigrants who are convicted of DUI are deportation, citizenship denial, or admissibility denial. To determine how a DUI conviction and arrest will affect your immigration status, you should speak to a DUI attorney Mt Pleasant area trusts to go through every detail of your case.

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