When it comes to driving under the influence in South Carolina, the laws are strict and the state practices zero tolerance when it comes to drivers under the age of 21. If you want to avoid getting a DUI, the best thing to do is arrange a designated driver or contact a rideshare program like Uber or Lyft to get home safely. However, for most people, just a few beers may not make them feel drunk or under the influence. If you ask any DUI attorney Mt Pleasant has to offer, they will tell you that even if you drink one beer, you should not drive immediately afterward.

What is the Blood Alcohol Content Level in South Carolina for DUI?

To be charged with a DUI in South Carolina your Blood Alcohol Content level must be over the limit of .08% and you have shown impairment while driving. If you are under 21 however, this limit is reduced to only .02%.

The number of beers it takes for the average person to reach a BAC of .08% or higher is anywhere between four and ten, especially if consumed in a brief period. However, the rate it takes your body to metabolize alcohol out of your bloodstream also depends on weight, gender, metabolism, and overall health, as well as the alcohol level in each beer or cocktail you drink.

People who are under 21 years old often only take one or two beers to reach the .02% BAC required to be issued a DUI. Most 21-year old’s who drink, and drive will always be arrested for DUI when pulled over due to the South Carolina zero-tolerance policy. Minors will need to find a DUI attorney Mt. Pleasant that residents can rely on to achieve a favorable outcome.

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