Everyone has rights. That’s one of the founding concepts of this country, and it is just as important as it was centuries ago. This is important to remember if you are facing a DUI charge. Yes, this is a serious charge, but simply being charged with a crime does not strip you of your rights. To make sure you are treated fairly and given the opportunity you deserve to defend yourself, contact an experienced DUI attorney right away.

Making Your Case

If your license has been suspended as a result of your DUI arrest, you don’t have to treat that as the end of the road. It should go without saying that losing your license can have a catastrophic effect on your day to day life. To fight to get your license back, you can file a petition for an Administrative Hearing. There is no guarantee that you will be successful in this quest but working with a qualified DUI attorney in South Carolina is the first step. You have a limited amount of time available to make your request, so don’t let too much time pass before reaching out and getting started.

Every Case is Different

You may be wondering if you have any legal grounds on which to fight your DUI. At this point, we can’t tell you what your case looks like – but you can go through a free consultation for a better understanding of your options. Every case is unique, and only by going through the specifics and reviewing the evidence available can we create a plan to move forward. Working with a DUI attorney will provide you with insight into the process and will help you decide how you’d like to proceed. Again, time is a factor in these cases. Rather than sitting around thinking about all the possibilities, jump into action and get moving right away.

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