DUI Attorney | DUI For Marijuana in South Carolina 

DUI Attorney | Marijuana use is becoming legal in more states, both medicinally and for recreational use, but that doesn’t mean that driving while under the influence of marijuana is legal or okay. Just like with alcohol, if you are driving while impaired or under the influence of drugs like marijuana, you can be charged and arrested for a DUI. If you were smoking marijuana and then driving and get arrested for a DUI in South Carolina, you need to talk to DUI lawyers in Charleston SC. 

DUI based on Marijuana 

A police officer in South Carolina needs a reason to pull you over, but that reason could be as simple as “reasonable suspicion.” The officer will look for signs that you are impaired, which can include your eyes being red or glassy, you’re driving being erratic or the smell of marijuana on you or in your vehicle. If your car smells like perfume or air freshener, the officer may also say you are trying to mask the scent of marijuana, which is reasonably suspicious. 

When you are arrested, implied consent is given to undergo a blood, urine, or alcohol test to figure out if there is drugs or alcohol in your system. Refusing the tests will result in automatic suspension of your driver’s license for six months. You’ll need DUI lawyers in Charleston SC to help you through these consequences. If you fail your tests, the driver smells marijuana or has other reasonable suspicions, they can also search your car without a warrant. If the officer finds any marijuana in your vehicle or paraphernalia, you can face possession charges on top of your DUI. 

DUI lawyers in Charleston SC can help you mount a defense against your DUI for marijuana by determining and proving that your rights were violated or the evidence against you is not enough for a conviction.

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