When you are arrested for DUI, it’s safe to say that your life is turned upside down – or, at least, it feels that way. This is a serious charge with the potential for major consequences for your future. With that said, anything you can do to feel a sense of normalcy in the aftermath of your charges will be a welcomed relief. As an experienced DUI attorney in Charleston SC, Peter David Brown will help you capture that normalcy while standing up for your rights and seeking to minimize your punishment. 

Get Back to Life as Usual

You aren’t going to be able to instantly make your DUI charges go away, but you can take some steps with the help of your DUI attorney in Charleston SC to get back to life as usual. Specifically, you’ll want your attorney to work on getting you back on the road as soon as possible so you can drive around the Charleston area legally and keep up with all of your regular responsibilities. While being able to drive won’t eliminate the need to still deal with this DUI matter, you can avoid other issues that may come up as a result of not having convenient transportation available. 

Stand Up from You

One of the many ways a DUI can interfere with your regular life is causing you to miss work while you attend court dates. With an experienced DUI attorney in Charleston SC on your side, you can set that worry to the side as your attorney can appear for you, so you don’t have to miss days at work. In this way, your representation can pay off directly – you’ll be able to stay on the job and continue to earn an income while working through this matter. 

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