Personal Injury Lawyer | Most Common Worker’s Compensation Claims

Works Compensation is something that many Personal injury lawyer in Charleston deal with on a daily basis. Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance that employers in many states are required to carry for their employees, even those that are part-time or temporary.

This insurance helps employees pay for medical expenses, death benefits, lost wages, and any post-accident rehabilitation costs like physical therapy. While many employers spend significant capital on ensuring their employees have a safe working environment, accidents sometimes still happen. Here are some of the most common types of worker’s compensation claims:


These injuries are typically when an employee improperly lifts or moves and causes physical damage to their body. These injuries include sprains, strains, and sometimes may result in broken bones.

Slips and Falls

Whether employees slip on ice in the parking lot or trip over an unexpected item in their path, these accidents can cause significant workplace losses in the form of broken bones and lost work time.

Fall from a Height

Employees who use ladders or along unprotected vertical edges run a risk of falling from a significant height. These injuries can often be very serious with major injury or death.

Struck by an Object

Many employees work around objects that can fall. Items can shift on a bookcase and fall, or employees in the service industry may be working with items at or above their head level. These objects may fall and injure an employee below.

Driving Accidents

This injury applies largely to members of the transport industry. When they are involved in a vehicle accident, this may also be considered a cause for a worker’s compensation claim.

Machinery Accidents

Employees that work near power tools run the inherent risk of getting some part of their body injured by a moving saw blade or drill bit.

Repetitive Motion

Carpal Tunnel immediately springs to mind when we think of repetitive motion accidents, but employees on an assembly line can also experience this injury from completing the same movement many times in a shift.

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While many of these situations are cause for a worker’s compensation claim, you should have a licensed personal injury lawyer in Charleston review the details of your case. Many of these may also qualify for a personal injury lawsuit due to employer negligence. If you file for worker’s compensation, it may be too late to seek damages for pain and suffering or your future medical bills. Contact Peter David Brown offices today, and our staff can review the details of your case to help you decide what is best for you.