Charleston DUI Lawyer | South Carolina DUI Laws for Multiple Offenses

Charleston DUI Lawyer | The DUI laws in South Carolina are harsh, even for a first offense. However, subsequent DUI offenses can have some serious consequences, and it is good to know and understand the laws so you can have an idea of what you may be facing if the situation ever arises. Here’s a summary of what can happen from a Charleston DUI Lawyer:

For the first DUI offense, a person can be put in jail for 48 hours up to 30 days, depending on what the BAC was at the time of the arrest. But that time can likely be exchanged for community service work instead, especially if you have a Charleston DUI Lawyer.

People can expect to pay at least $400 up to over $1000 in fines and court costs.

The offender must complete a substance abuse program at their own expense, which must be attended in-person, and varies in length depending on the severity of the DUI offense.

Also, if a person refuses to take the chemical test, their driver’s license is suspended for at least six months automatically.

Offenders who had a BAC of .15% or greater at the time of their arrest must have what called an ignition interlock installed in their vehicle once their license is reinstated. The length of time of this requirement varies.

The offender’s driver’s license may be suspended up to six months, which can be reinstated after said time for a nominal fee, a certificate of completion from a state-approved drug and alcohol program, and proof of current SR-22 insurance.

All subsequent offenses raise the jail time from 5 days up to 5 years for the fourth offense. Fines are raised from $2,100 up to $10,000 plus court costs. A drug and alcohol program are required with all DUI cases. A chemical test refusal will result in at least a 9-month license suspension up to 1 year for the third offense. An ignition interlock is required upon license reinstatement for up to 3 years. Licenses are suspended for 1-2 years. A fourth DUI offense requires the state to permanently revoke the offender’s driver’s license for the rest of their lives.

These laws can be harsh but can be fought with a great Charleston DUI Lawyer at your side. If you need a Charleston DUI Lawyer, call The Law Office of Peter David Brown at 843-806-1090.

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