Charleston DUI Lawyer | What Happens When You Get a DUI?

Charleston DUI Lawyer | A DUI in South Carolina can be devastating, which is why you need a Charleston DUI lawyer to help you through the process.

In South Carolina, a citizen has the right to refuse to perform a field sobriety test, which helps the officer determine a level of impairment.

However, the officer will then ask you to submit to taking a chemical sample, which is mandatory under the South Carolina Implied Consent Laws. Refusing to take a chemical test will automatically suspend your driver’s license for six months. The officer will then take your license and issue you a notice of suspension, where you will have to attend a hearing thereafter.

The punishments are different depending on how many DUI offenses you’ve committed. The first offense requires a person to do at least 48 hours of jail time and can be extended to up to 30 days. However, community service can be given instead of a jail sentence, especially if you have a Charleston DUI lawyer. The fines range from $400 to $1000 plus court costs and other fees. It is also possible that your license will be suspended a minimum of six months. Attending an alcohol and drug program is mandatory, and after paying a reinstatement fee after the six months to get your license back, you’ll need to change your car insurance to a special kind called SR-22 insurance, which will at least double the price of your insurance.

The other consequences are paying to bail out of jail, getting your vehicle out of impound, DMV fees for applying for special licenses and driving privileges, and other court costs and fees. Having a good Charleston DUI lawyer who knows how to fight for you is crucial in the DUI process. With such a harsh outcome from a mistake, having that experience in court is worth its weight in gold.

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