Not all DUI cases go to trial. In fact, very few of these kinds of cases end up in a jury trial, as plea agreements are very common in this area of law. With that said, it’s important to understand that going to trial might end up being the best option in your case. If you aren’t being offered a plea agreement that you feel is fair, or if you simply want to argue for your innocence in front of the court, you might need to take this process all the way to the end. To make effective arguments in a trial situation, work with a Charleston DUI lawyer who has been there before. 

A Charleston DUI Lawyer May Not Want It

You will find that some DUI lawyers don’t want to go to trial. They would rather simply work out a plea agreement for their clients so they can move on to the next case. And, make no mistake, some cases are best handled with a plea agreement. But as a Charleston DUI lawyer, The Law Office of Peter David Brown is committed to doing whatever is best for you and your situation. That may mean a plea agreement, or it may mean going to trial. If trying the case all the way to a verdict is the best option in your case, that’s exactly what we’ll do. 

Experience is Important

No trial is easy. It doesn’t matter what kind of crime has been alleged, it’s always important to have as much experience as possible on your side. This is certainly true when hiring a Charleston DUI lawyer, as you want to make sure your representation is fully prepared and ready to handle the challenges that inevitably come up during a trial. You will feel more confident headed into a trial situation when represented by an experienced DUI attorney.

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