Being pulled over by the police for driving under the influence can be a terrifying experience for anyone, even if you have not had a drop of alcohol. Sober drivers could feel nervous and stumble or be off balance for field sobriety tests. People who are sleep deprived, sick, or having allergy attacks might have blood shot eyes. There are even medications that could cause you to fail a DUI field sobriety test. You should provide your Charleston DUI lawyer with a list of all medications you are taking so they can decide if your medications could have affected your DUI arrest.
Medications that Affect Field Sobriety Tests
Some of the medications your Charleston DUI lawyer look for include prescriptions that could make defendants off balance, dizzy, or have alcohol on their breath.
• Cough Medications
• Allergy Medications
• Albuterol
• Flu Medications
• Painkillers
• ADHD Medications
• Sleep Medications
• Muscle Relaxers
• Anxiety Medications
Even if you were not taking any of these medications at the time of your arrest, be sure to let your attorney know your health history.
Health Conditions that Could Affect Field Sobriety Tests
In addition to medications, there are several health conditions that could cause you to fail a field sobriety test even when you are not drunk. Most of these conditions affect balance, or eye issues.
• Lazy Eye
• Pink Eye
• Ear Infection
• Vertigo
• Motion Sickness
• Speech Impediments
• Inner Ear Problems
• Hearing Issues
• Bone or Joint Injuries
• Obesity
• Arthritis
Your Charleston DUI lawyer might ask you to fill out a release form so the office can get your complete medical records from your doctors, as well as medical reports from the night of the arrest if there are any.
Environmental Factors that Affect Field Sobriety Tests
Sometimes even perfectly healthy and sober people might be accused of a DUI and fail a field sobriety test due to environmental issues such as
• Raining
• Snowing
• Wet Pavement
• Icy Pavement
• Gravely Pavement
• High Winds
All these factors can make your stance unstable and cause you to fall over, trip, stumble, or make a mistake. Make sure your attorney has copies of the tickets and police reports which should indicate weather conditions.
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