With technology becoming more available to the masses, especially in the automotive industry, it is no surprise that many people would be wondering if self-driving cars could save them from getting DUIs. Although there are few self-driving cars around, a Charleston DUI lawyer will warn you against getting behind the wheel of one of these cars while you are intoxicated.

Even though you might not be operating the motor vehicle in all aspects when you ride in a self-driving car, these vehicles usually require both hands on the wheel and maintain responsibility over what the car is doing. Automated cars are just beginning to hit the road, and drivers with these cars need to take care to pay attention and be prepared to take over in case of a malfunction. Drivers who are incapacitated, as in the case of driving under the influence do not have the mental faculties to make snap second decisions and rely on their reflexes.

Self-Driving Cars and Ignition Interlock Devices

Some states such as New Jersey are requiring self-driving cars to have ignition interlock device installed to ensure that drunk people are not getting into these vehicles and trying to operate them while under the influence. Ignition interlock Devices can be installed in any motor vehicle if someone gets a DUI. Make sure you let your Charleston DUI Lawyer know as soon as your device is installed if you have been ordered to have one.

Am I liable if the Self-Driving Car Crashes?

One of the most common misconceptions seen by a Charleston DUI lawyer about self-driving cars is that the driver is no longer responsible for what happens. If you own a self-driving car and the car crashes, commits a traffic violation, or is involved in an accident, you are still liable as the driver of the vehicle—or responsible party.

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