Getting a DUI can be devasting for not only the person getting the charge, but also the families involved who may have a mother, father, or child jailed because of driving under the influence. Having a DUI on your record can hinder your employment searches, where you qualify to live, and other repercussions which is why so many people convicted of DUIs wonder if these charges can be expunged from their criminal records. The hard truth is that no, even with a Charleston DUI lawyer, in most cases an expungement for a DUI is not possible in South Carolina.

Why Can’t DUIs Be Expunged?

In South Carolina, DUIs are considered traffic offenses and no traffic offenses are eligible for expungement in the state. DUIs and traffic violations from improper parking all the way up to hit and run will stay on your permanent record.

However, there are a few cases where a DUI will not go on your permanent record:

  • If your Charleston DUI lawyer can get your charges dismissed
  • You are found not guilty of the DUI at trial.
  • You are sentenced to pretrial intervention and the DUI is re-charged as reckless driving.

To best defend yourself against your DUI to ensure it does not end up on your record, drivers need to hire a Charleston DUI lawyer. Without a lawyer, the defendant is much less likely to be referred to pretrial intervention. Because DUIs can have such long lasting effects on both the defendant and their loved ones, hiring an attorney that can fight to have your case dismissed or the charges rewritten is vital for your future success.

The best way to keep DUIs off your record is to have your case dismissed before trial. Your lawyer will work with you to go over the evidence and ensure your arrest and sobriety tests were all conducted legally.

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