There is a lot to think about in the moments after you have been arrested for DUI. Who should you call first? Do you need to tell your employer about the situation? Your head will be spinning, and you might want to take a moment simply to calm down and clarify your thoughts. With that said, one of your first courses of action is obvious – you need to reach out to a Charleston DUI attorney right away. It is never too early to put in a call to ask about representation in your case, as getting started as soon as possible will give your attorney the time needed to assemble a solid defense. 

No Reason to Wait

Some individuals who are charged with DUI choose to wait for a while before they reach out to a Charleston DUI attorney for help. That hesitation could be out of ignorance regarding the severity of the situation, or because they are trying to save money. Whatever the case, don’t make this same mistake. You are facing a serious charge and getting started on your defense as soon as possible is the wise move. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your charges, be sure to get professional help from an experienced lawyer who will work with your best interests in mind. 

There Are No Easy Cases

You might be thinking that there are obvious flaws or holes in your case and that it will be easy to get the case dismissed when the time comes. And to be fair, you might even be right – but this is not a time to take chances. Instead, speak with a Charleston DUI attorney right away to discuss your point of view. An experienced attorney might be able to help you see the case from a different perspective and understand that a dismissal is not a foregone conclusion. 

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