Coming up on a DUI checkpoint is unnerving for drivers. The police officers are obviously on the lookout for impaired drivers, but these checkpoints can often result in ticketing for other things such as driving without insurance, expired plates, or having lights out. Drivers often wonder if there is a way to get out of having to comply with the officers at DUI checkpoints, and the short answer is—no, there is no way to avoid an interaction with a police officer at a DUI check point and you need to be in compliance otherwise you’ll need a Charleston DUI attorney to come to your aid.

Even if you show no signs of impairment, all drivers who pass through a DUI checkpoint are required to comply with any officer’s request to check their license, insurance, and registration. If the officer says they smell alcohol or marijuana on you or in your vehicle, or you show signs of being impaired such as slurred speech or red eyes, the officer can request a field sobriety or breathalyzer test. If you refuse, your license will be automatically suspended through the DMV for up to six months. You can also still be arrested for DUI after refusing to take a test.

The number one right a driver has at a DUI checkpoint according to a Charleston DUI attorney is to remain silent. If the officer asks you where you were at, what you were doing, or where you are going, you can remain silent or give as little information as possible while being respectful. The less information you give the less the police have to use against you if you are in fact driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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